Worked hard overnight to complete a background test for job at a local studio on a very popular animated series. Nancy was listening to the last Twilight novel on audiobook and we were both counting the “murmurs”. As bad as that was, it did keep me focused for the task at hand.

I think this was a fantastic (albeit painful) experience for me. I owe a good friend a lot of thanks for putting my name in for this. Ultimately I did not get the position, but I don’t hate what I was able to accomplish for this. I think it fit the theme of the show well.

I had planned this out so that it might have animated steam, flames and glowing coals. The demon/cherub statues stream water into the pit of hot coals generating the sauna steam.

The main thing I should have done differently is not make this a mirrored one-point perspective. What a rookie move. I looked at the example the studio provided, which was a mirrored one-point and I just went that direction. If I had been able to take more time, I would have added some additional props to disguise the boring perspective. A Cintiq wouldn’t have hurt either. Oh well, live and learn.