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White Elephant, Dark Place

This project represented a very difficult failure, at first. Last year I first tried to finish this and nothing seemed to go right with the process. I abandoned…

Unfinished Business

Classroom Reader London Fire


Ed Undead Sequel

Working out some of the details for the sequel to Edward Kent’s YA novel. It is always fun to work with these characters. Progress from the rough cover…

Creatures from the Deep

I worked on a piece for “Creatures From The Deep“, a group show on May 3rd 2012 at Hurley’s 225 Gallery in Laguna Beach. Featuring work from Alex…

Ed Undead Cover & Interior

Bowling Leprechaun

I have been very interested in finding ways to combine ink lines, grayscale paint washes and digital color. It’s very simple and effective to digitally color linework, and…

War of Art

In Cold Blood

This was a dream project for me with lots of potential. The closest thing to book illustration from the 19th century in the contemporary age is concept art….

Creativity Trio 2

Creativity Trio 1

Portrait of Walt