Unfinished Business

Classroom Reader Harriet Tubman

Primary Source Readers: America in the 1800s – Harriet Tubman

Beach Bears Gordons Pond


Ed Undead Sequel

Working out some of the details for the sequel to Edward Kent’s YA novel. It is always fun to work with these characters. Progress from the rough cover…

Creatures from the Deep

I worked on a piece for “Creatures From The Deep“, a group show on May 3rd 2012 at Hurley’s 225 Gallery in Laguna Beach. Featuring work from Alex…

War of Art

Creativity Trio 2

Creativity Trio 1

White Elephant, Dark Place

This project represented a very difficult failure, at first. Last year I first tried to finish this and nothing seemed to go right with the process. I abandoned…

RB Bear Scholarship

Baltimore Avenue Bears

Classroom Reader London Fire

White Elephant Gift

This Christmas I was invited to a friend’s party where there was a very fun gift exchange. I opted to make artwork for my contribution. This charcoal drawing…

Science of Monsters

I’ve had just about the most fun I’ve ever had at my day job this week, helping out with illustrations for an upcoming book on the science of…

Vector Game Assets

This week I’ve had the pleasure to produce some illustrations for a project at my day job. It’s a rare opportunity, so I’m pretty eager to get good…

Bears in Fort Lauderdale

Some of my other bear illustrations were well-received, so I was commissioned again to produce another bear beach party – this time in Fort Lauderdale Florida. These have…

Hidden Picture Puzzle

I took on a challenging new set of illustrations for a Social Studies textbook about presidential elections. Two of these involve hidden picture puzzle illustrations – the type…

Time Pilot 84

Super Dodgeball Characters

One of the real benefits to taking on freelance projects is the opportunity to challenge yourself with unexpected subject matter. Since we all have our preferred subjects and…

Board Game Revisions


Nibbler Arcade Cabinet

Rehoboth Beach Boardwalk Bears

An illustration commission featuring a gathering of bear tourists along the boardwalk in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. This project was a fun challenge because of the iconic buildings and…

Snakes with Dentures

Summer is off to a good start with another really fun project. This time it’s a redesign of an existing character in a completely different style. It’s essentially…

Landscape with Castles

The bird’s eye project continues, this time with more landscape and a higher POV. Although the architecture was less detailed in this piece, this was a longer overall…

What does a teacher look like?

I had an opportunity at my day job to brainstorm some ideas for an illustrated character that would be representative of a teacher. I currently work in educational…

Bird’s Eye Castles

Working on a very exciting new project that is as fun as it is challenging. The illustration involves medieval castles. I need to be able to build the…

Pile of Bears

I wanted to do a pile-of-bears illustration for a quick set of Christmas cards. I started by sketching a few bears – still trying to master the Copic…

Studio Background Test

Worked hard overnight to complete a background test for job at a local studio on a very popular animated series. Nancy was listening to the last Twilight novel…

Most Important Project to Date

I am extremely fortunate to be marrying the true love of my life this upcoming Spring. We worked together on this project and hope to design our wedding…

Studio Three06 Zine

Passing the Bogle

Ed Undead Cover & Interior

Holding Still

Another illustration attempting to capture the dichotomy of drawing & painting. I’m always interested in the way still images attempt to freeze a momentary experience. There were two…

Ed Undead Characters & Cover

Bowling Leprechaun

I have been very interested in finding ways to combine ink lines, grayscale paint washes and digital color. It’s very simple and effective to digitally color linework, and…

Drawing-Painting Dichotomy

Experimenting with combinations of linear and painted artwork, digital and traditional methods. This was an experiment in finding a style that encompassed all of those things but worked…

The Summer I Built the Golem

From a book pitch for an illustrated short story anthology. Wondering if maybe inking could be tonal, I began working with thinned down inks to do my linework….

In Cold Blood

This was a dream project for me with lots of potential. The closest thing to book illustration from the 19th century in the contemporary age is concept art….

Bogle Creature Concept

Designed this creature for a redo of a story idea to be published in “Infected”, the first anthology project from The Comic Bug in Manhattan Beach.

Street Presence

A gift for a very good friend who loves both dinosaurs and music equally.

Learning to Fly

The initial drawing studies for a painting for the person who taught me to fly. Despite all of my limitations, I soar because of her.

Hope & Opportunity

I helped to organize a show in the final semester at CSULB called “The Monster Show”. These pieces were inspired by the State of the Union Address given…

Portrait of Walt